Clare Thornley

**Shop Update**

Rustico Yarns are now available in our online store! All-natural fibres ready for your next creative fibre arts project. Amazing textures and a wide selection of weights. And at very affordable prices!

Rustico Yarns Shop Update

So many options to choose from - mulberry, tussar, eri, mugga & anamika silk, hemp, jute, nettle, linen & flax, & khadi cotton. Lots of vegan options and a selection of organic fibres.

These yarns are fantastic for weaving projects, many will knit-up (or crochet-up) nicely and several can be used for plying with other hand-spun fibres. Many of these natural fibres are also excellent for dyeing with natural and chemical dyes.

Until 21 January 2017 - all orders received by 3pm will be posted the same day.

Follow this link to see the entire collection:

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