The FeltFine Holiday Wish List

Clare Thornley

'Tis the season to buy lovely fibre and fluff for the fibre artists in your life! A bit confused as to where to start? Here is a list of FeltFine fibre, fluff and fibre arts tools that are sure to be on the wish list of many a fibre artist this holiday season!

1. Fibre Study Packs: Available in 500g and 1kg packs, these fibre study packs include 25g of a variety of natural sheep tops. The perfect gift for a spinner or felter, these packs give the fibre artist the opportunity to try out many different fibres in their own personal fibre study.

2. Merino Mix Packs: Does your fibre artist love colour? Are you looking for a great gift for kids? Then you should try one of the Merino Mix Packs! Each pack contains 250g of lovely dyed Merino tops, perfect for spinning, felting and handcraft. They come packed in a zip lock bag all ready to be wrapped and put under the tree. Colourways include:

3. Luxury Tops: Is your fibre artist a spinner? You could spoil them with some of our luxury tops. These include Yak (in light brown, dark brown and bleached white), Baby Camel (in natural white and natural brown), Angora (available in natural white) and Kid Mohair (available in natural white).

4. Luxury Yarns: Are you shopping for a knitter, crocheter or weaver? They would love some of our luxury yarns. Fibres include baby alpaca/silk/cashmere, yak/merino/, suri alpaca/merino, 100% baby alpaca and others. Available in 2-ply, 4-ply and bulky. Check out the full collection here.

5. JUL Shawl Pins: Our line of fair-trade, handmade, American-designed shawl pins and sticks are made from high quality materials and are the perfect gift for anyone who wears handmade fibre accessories. You can view the collection here.

6. Fibre Arts Tools: Is this the year you surprise your fibre artist with a new tool? Is there something that s/he has had their eye on? We carry the full line of Ashford Wheels and Looms, including the new e-Spinner 3 and the wider Samplelt Loom. Do you have a wet felter on your list? They might enjoy a new Ball Brauser (now available in Pink!) to assist them in wetting down their fibres. If your fibre artist is looking to try a new approach to an age-old handcraft, perhaps they might like an Oxford Rug Punch Needle (we recommend starting with the #10 regular).

7. FeltFine Gift Card: Still not sure what to get? Then the FeltFine e-gift card is the way to go. With no expiry date and no additional fees, our gift cards give the recipient the opportunity to get exactly what they want!

If you are stumped or have any questions, please feel free to contact us! We are always happy to help.

Happy Holidays!

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