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Fine Denier White Nylon Tops

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Fine Denier White Nylon Tops

Combed white nylon blending fibre to add strength to your yarns. Add to your fiber in a carder or on a blending board or spin separately and ply with your other fibre.

Nylon is truly a man-made fibre and is relatively expensive to produce compared to other man-made fibres. Therefore, its production has decreased, particularly following the discovery of polyester and polypropylene, which are both cheaper to produce. Nylon remains in production due to its easy dye-ability and strength, coupled with a high melt-point. The fibre accepts the same dyes as wool and other animal fibres and is therefore perfect for use in blends where added strength, resilience and wear-ability are required. Nylon is still used extensively in carpet manufacture. The fibre is a little lower than wool in absorbency. It is produced and marketed under several brand names.

The price is per 100 grams.

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