Monks Cloth - off-cuts/remnants

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Monks Cloth

The most popular backing for punch needle rug hooking, this 100% cotton monk's cloth is suitable for use with all sizes of Oxford Punch Needles. It is also great for traditional rug hooking. Woven with a white line every two inches to help you position your pattern and stretch it evenly on your frame.  Approximately 12 double threads per inch.

The fabric is similar in appearance to Aida cloth (the fabric used for cross stitch), but it is softer, of a higher quality and more durable.

These bundles contain off-cuts and remnants. Approximate size and weights given below. These smaller sizes are great for small cushions, small bags, and for trying out new techniques and fibres.

Bundle #1: 1 of 75cm x 35cm; 2 of 25cm x 38cm; smaller remnants; total weight 260g.

Bundle #2: 1 of 59cm x 35cm; 2 of 28cm x 40cm; smaller remnants; total weight 245g.

Bundle #3: 1 of 65cm x 20cm; 2 of 38cm x 25cm; 1 of 55cm x 20cm; smaller remnants; total weight 185g.

Bundle #4:1 of 45cm x 25cm; 1 of 35cm x 30cm; 1 of 50cm x 25cm; smaller remnants; total weight 210g.

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