Natural Flax (Linen) - Handspun 10/2 Yarn

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Natural Flax (Linen) - Handspun 10/2 Yarn

Flax is a 100% linen yarn, available in a wide range of solid shades. Versatile for home dec and wearable garments, flax blooms and softens beautifully with each trip through the washing machine. Spun using fibres from the flax (linseed) plant, this yarn is known for its moisture absorbing and releasing properties, giving it that lovely cool, crisp feel in hot weather. Its smoothness and natural lustre also make it a favourite luxury plant.

Our Natural Flax (Linen) Handspun is strong and lightly textured. It is a khaki colour that suitable for weaving, knitting or crocheting.

The price varies by weight.

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