Organic Eri Silk - Handspun Yarn

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Organic Eri Silk - Handspun Yarn

Eri Silk is also known as Endi or Errandi Silk (Ahimsa Silk), is a multivoltile silk spun from open ended cocoons, unlike other varieties of silk. Eri is a product of domesticated silk worm.

Eri is called as Ahimsa ("Non Violence Silk" or "Peace Silk") yarn, because of the moth/worm inside the cocoon is not killed in the process of making the silk yarn. Before Eri cocoons go for processing, the moth/worm cuts its way out of the cocoon. As a result, this yarn is highly in demand in International market. In India, this kind of cocoons and yarns are found in North-eastern part of India, like Aasam, Bihar, Orissa.

Eri silk is naturally white in color and has a very soft texture. It is widely used in knitting and weaving process for making high end garments.

Our Organic Eri silk yarn is perfect for dying in with natural. It is a single-ply, fine, strong, soft yarn suitable for weaving, knitting, crocheting and plying with another fibre.

The price varies by weight.


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