Australian Wool Stuffing / Filling / Core Wool

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Australian Wool Stuffing / Filling / Core Wool


100% Australian Pure Wool saddle flocking/filling. A short fibre type which is very springy. Wool is the best fibre to use for saddles, as a natural fibre it lets the saddle breathe and soaks up all the oils from the horses coat. It is soft and clean, but may have a very small amount of grass seed and vegetable matter .

This wool is Australian Bred Shropshire sheep grown  in Victoria. It is scoured and carded by FeltFine.


This is perfectly suitable as stuffing in toys/dolls and many other craft projects. It is also excellent  as a core for larger needle felting projects to save on more expensive fibres.


This price is for 250 grams.


We are able to supply this filling as a batt which can then be used in pillow or doona making.

Email us for a price and details.